We had the opportunity to catch up with Mike Sharpe and Derek Maskell of Twyford Social Club, another of our brilliant benefactors from last year’s community fund.

Twyford Social Club is a welcoming space where the whole community can have fun, socialise, and relax. The Club was founded as a post WW1 Gentlemen’s Club in 1920, and has now evolved into a widely loved hub for its 205 current members, and plenty of extra guests.

With an array of activities and events taking place constantly, Twyford Social Club is a host for the whole family, and has become a fundamental in maintaining a sense of community in the village. With comedy nights, rock bands and even the odd hypnotist, the Club provides a space for people of all ages to get together and enjoy each other’s company.

However, with this busy schedule and lively atmosphere, the 100 year old building has seen better days. The Club has gone without any maintenance work for a long time, and the kitchen in particular needs renovation in order to reach a professional standard.

Graze’s donation has been put towards this renovation, and the Club is now in the process of fitting a new floor in the kitchen, so that it can cater for a variety of events. With this work finally taking place, Twyford Social Club can return to its position as a hub for the whole community, and continue bringing people together.